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What is Remote Control for PCs?

The ultimate tool for any computer user that needs to be in two places at once!

Have you ever been at a client's office, ready to close on an important sale, only to find that you need some extra documents from your office PC that you forgot to transfer to your notebook PC before you left?

Or perhaps you're halfway around the world and you need to run a special application on your office PC that you can't run from your notebook PC.

Don't panic. You've already got it covered. Remote Control for PCs is the answer.

Remote Control for PCs


Remote Control for PCs is a software product that lets you use your main PC while you're away from the office. Using another PC, such as your notebook, you connect directly to your office PC securely via the internet or your company's Virtual Private Network.

You can run applications, check your e-mail, work on documents and spreadsheets, in fact anything you would normally do in your office. It is just like sitting in front of your office PC!


With Remote Control for PCs your company operates more smoothly:

  • Managers and executives can remotely access their normal programs and files while away from their offices.

  • Sales staff can remotely process sales orders, or retrieve product brochures and other material for the client - right from their hotel room, car, or even the client's office.

  • IT departments and support staff can connect remotely to a user's PC to fix a problem without having to physically go there, saving time and money.

  • Small businesses can operate out of home office environments, while spending time on the road.

  • Work-from-home-Moms (and Dads) can continue their professional careers right from their home PCs, while balancing their family responsibilities.


The licensing structure of Remote Control for PCs offers a wide range of options:

  • You can start with a two PC license for your desktop and portable PC.

  • Or you can have a single license that covers every PC in your entire company and branch offices.

The choice is yours.

You can start small, and expand as your needs change. Whenever you upgrade we issue a credit on your existing license, and only charge you the difference. That way you always get what you need, and you never overpay.


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