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Remote Control for PCs Sales

"Welcome to the Remote Control for PCs Sales Department"

What is the cost of a two PC license?

The cost of a two PC license is $24.95.

Your Remote Control for PCs license includes unlimited free software updates for all minor version or revision changes (ie. 3.XX).

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I need Remote Control for PCs on a number of PCs. Do you do bulk pricing?

Yes we do.

The pricing for multiple PC licenses is set on a reducing scale as follows:

  Number of PCs      Price per PC   
2 $24.95 for two PCs
5 $17.95
10 $16.95
25 $14.95
50 $12.95
100 $9.95
250 $8.95
500 $7.95
1000+ $7.45


Your Remote Control for PCs license includes unlimited free software updates for all minor version or revision changes (ie. 3.XX).

To purchase a multiple PC license simply select the number of PCs here and press the Next button:

Number of PCs:  



I need several copies for my business now, but I will probably need more shortly.

No problem.

The one license covers as many PCs as you require under the same account.

You can buy a license of any size at any time, and then upgrade at a later time as your needs change. We automatically issue a credit for your old license, so you only pay the difference between the cost of the old license and new license.

Full quoting, invoicing, payment, and receipting for this is done within the Remote Control for PCs software itself. Just right-click on the remote control icon in the taskbar notification area and select License Details.


Is your pricing structure truly competitive?

Yes it is.

Products such as pcAnywhere from Symantec cost $199.99 and offer no real advantages over Remote Control for PCs.

There are also a number of free products available on the internet. Some are good, some are useless, some contain spyware, and all provide no support for their products.

Remote Control for PCs is a stable, easy to use product, at a reasonable price.


I'd really like to try it out before I buy.

OK. I can let you have a 7 day free trial of Remote Control for PCs.

Click here to download and install Remote Control for PCsDownload Remote Control for PCs

When you are prompted to register, enter FREETRIAL where it says Referral or Promotional Code and press the OK button.


Tell me more about your company.

Digital Design Ltd. has been developing software for nearly two decades.

Digital Design Ltd. was founded in 1987. Digital Design's President, Steven J. Bell, is from the New Zealand government's prestigious Department of Scientific and Industrial Research and has also worked for the large electronics manufacturer A.W.A. (New Zealand) Ltd. and the Airways Corporation of New Zealand Ltd. He has an extensive scientific and technical background, and right from the beginning laid down a very strong framework for the company.

You can find our company website at


Tell me about the Remote Control for PCs Referral Program.

Remote Control for PCs is a wonderful product that simply sells itself by word of mouth. We have seen it spread like wildfire around office buildings, branch offices, churches, social groups, and support networks.

As people are going to see it running on your PC and ask you about it anyway, we think that it is only fair that you get paid something for that exposure.

An ever growing network of happy customers is worth far more to us than spending thousands of dollars every month on conventional advertising campaigns.

When you license your copy of Remote Control for PCs we send you an e-mail containing your License Number and Referral Code.

Tell your friends about and give them your Referral Code. When they purchase we pay you for the referral as follows:

Number of PCs
Covered by License
Typical User Fee Paid to You
2 (two PC license) individual $10.00
5 family $30.00
10 small business $50.00
25 small business $75.00
50 small business $100.00
100 medium business $200.00
250 medium business $500.00
500 medium business $750.00
1000 large corporation $1000.00


Once a month we send you a check for the referral fees that you have earned.

This referral program is available worldwide.

The Remote Control for PCs Referral Program Terms and Conditions apply.

If you tell us the name and contact details of the appropriate person in your IT Department, we will make sure that you get paid the referral fee from the resulting sale.


This is great! OK, I have my own website. How do I set up a link to so I get paid automatically for every referral?

Creating a link from your own website is easy, and you get paid automatically for all referrals resulting from your link.

Simply insert the following HTML code into your webpage:

<a href=""
    target="_top"><img src="/images/rcpclink01.gif"
    alt="Download Remote Control for PCs" border=0></a>

Replace R-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XX with your own Referral Code.

If applicable, replace /images/rcpclink01.gif with the path and filename of the image file you use for the link. You can use our standard link image below, create your own, or even use a simple text link. The choice is yours.

To download our standard link image, right-click on it with your mouse and select Save Picture As... Select somewhere suitable on your PC to save it, and press Save.

Download Remote Control for PCs

To test that your link works correctly click on it and then go to the Express Download page. Your Referral Code should automatically appear in the Referral Code field.


Do you have a question that hasn't been answered here?

I hope I have been able to answer all of your questions about Remote Control for PCs. If not, we want to hear from you.

Please fill in the details below and press the Send Message button. A sales representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

First Name MI Last Name
Job Title (if applicable):  
Company (if applicable):  




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What is it? How do I Use it? Why do I Need it? Who is Using it? Download Now!
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